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  • Authors for Indies Day

    Independent bookstores are the fabric of Canadian community. They provide an anchor where people can safely land. They give our minds the space and ideas with which to expand. They make sure that our voices as Canadians resonate. On April 29, independent bookstores across the country, along with the authors they love, will celebrate as a part of Canadian Authors For Indies Day.

    We’d like to encourage you to join them.

    Authors for Indies Day is a nationwide event organized by authors to celebrate the important role that independent bookstores play . This special day gets people out to bookstores, showcases local writers and supports Canadian publishers.

    Armchair Books in Whistler will host four authors:

    Susan Juby (Republic of Dirt, Truth Commission), Stella L. Harvey (Nicolai’s Daughters, The Brink of Freedom), Susan Oakey-Baker (Finding Jim) and Janie Chan (Dragon Springs Road, Three Souls)

    Stop by and say hi and get your book signed!