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  • Banktock, Nick

    Nick-Bantock-for-KNONICK BANTOCK is known throughout the world for his art, his writing, and particularly, his marriage of the two. He was schooled in England and holds a BA in Fine Art (painting). He has been credited with creating a new genre in literature with his incredibly popular cult series, Griffin & Sabine, which was on the New York Times bestseller list for over two years. His works have been translated into thirteen languages and over five million have been sold worldwide. This April, he will release the final volume in Griffin and Sabine’s story, THE PHAROHS GATE: Griffin and Sabine’s Lost Correspondence, along with a special 25th anniversary edition of the first book, GRIFFIN & SABINE: An Extraordinary Correspondence. www.nickbantock.com


    Reading Event 5: The Literary Cabaret