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  • Baser, Michael

    Baser, Michael

    Due to unforeseen circumstances Michael Baser will not be attending the festival. Rodger Cove will now be teaching the Screenwriting workshop.

    BASER, MICHAEL is a screen writer/producer/showrunner of primetime television. In a career that spanned 38 years, Mr. Baser has written for and/ or produced a wide array of popular and critically acclaimed shows such as “GoodTimes”,“Maude”,“The Jeffersons”, “Three’s Company”, “9 to 5”, and “Full House”, to name a few. In addition, Mr. Baser has been placed in development deals with all the major studios including, 20th Century Fox, Universal Pictures, Columbia TriStar, Disney and Warner Brothers. Subsequently he has sold and written over 15 pilots for CBS, ABC, NBC, Fox and various cable outlets. Currently, Mr. Baser is a resident of Vancouver BC where he is the Head of Writing for Film and Television and Head of Film Production at the Vancouver Film School.