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  • Cassaday, Kate

    Cassaday, Kate IMG_5393KATE CASSADAY is an Executive Editor at HarperCollins Canada. Her mandate is to commission, acquire and develop projects from established and emerging voices and turn them into bestsellers and award-winners in categories that range from fiction to memoir to practical non-fiction to cookbooks and illustrated books. She has worked directly with Amy Poehler, Arlene Dickinson, Bryan Baeumler, Norm Macdonald, Michelle Knight, Silken Laumann, Gabourey Sidibe, Kelly Oxford, Zarqa Nawaz, Gail Vaz-Oxlade, Shannon Lee Simmons, Dennis Prescott, Sara Gruen, Matt Haig and many others. She loves to help shape each book from conception creating a finished book that authors are proud to put their name on, that media are eager to engage with and that readers will not just buy, but share with their friends and family.