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    • Sara Leach

      Critique Group Collaboration

      Writing is a solitary activity. I sit alone at my computer, staring at the screen until I force myself to tap out the words. But once the words are written, the story ‘complete’, the loneliness of writing ends. Read More

    • Lonely End of the Rink

      The Lonely End of the Rink – Book Review

      The tales of Canadian music and humorous hockey anecdotes add breadth and colour to this story but The Lonely End Of The Rink is less about hockey and music as it is about fitting in and being accepted for who one is. Read More

    • Whistler Writers Festival, Damon Galgut, Arctic Summer

      Arctic Summer by Damon Galgut – Book Review

      Arctic Summer is a beautifully written fictionalized biography of the renown author, E. M. Forster. The title, borrowed from a novel Forster started in 1909 and never completed, echoes the dichotomy of Forster’s life, one where the light of summer is fleeting, followed by longer periods of gray. Read More

    • Circus4

      Circus Day

      I often yearn for the collaborative energy of Circus Day. I suppose that’s why it feels so good to bounce ideas around with my writers’ group. To jam with other musicians. To cook meals with friends or to paddle together on a dragon-boat team. Read More

    • Ditch the Diet book cover

      Ditch the Diet by Nancy Routley – Book Review

      Nancy Routley will be appearing at the Whistler Writers Fest Oct. 17 to 19. She knows her stuff, and she has a theory – it’s not about the food, and dieting isn’t the answer. It goes much deeper. Read More

    • Lucky book cover

      Lucky by Kathryn Para – Book Review

      BC Book Prize winning author, Kathryn Para will be appearing at this year’s Whistler Readers and Writers Festival scheduled for October 17th to 19th.
      Lucky explores the impact of war on those who bring it into our living rooms – the foreign correspondents. Read More

    • Collaboration by Stella Harvey


      Our efforts have not only enriched our community, but it’s made us, as individuals better. We have learned from each other, grown together and thirteen years on, we’re still happily plugging away at our passion. Read More

    • Stella Harvey

      A Nudge from a Stranger

      On one of these forays, as I stood on top of my rock wall, stretching out to slash at a particularly stubborn weed, a car stopped on the road just in front of me. I looked up and lost my balance. Read More