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  • Since becoming a mom I have learned the secret of escape

    Written by Dania Tomlinson | #NoOneSucceedsAlone

    Writing wouldn’t be possible for me without my writer friends, my husband, my mom, and a nearby coffee shop. Although my writer friends and I rarely discuss our work in much detail, we often rant and vent and work through broader aspects of our projects over beer. My husband is actually a non-reader (I know, right!) but he makes up for it with his listening and has talked me off many cliffs. My mom follows me through plot twists and character histories with an unearthly patience that would melt most eyebrows off. My local coffee shop is my hideaway. Since becoming a mom I have learned the secret of escape. I wrote and edited the majority of my novel Our Animal Hearts amidst the glorious white noise of steam wands and coffee grinders. After a long day at the office (yes, I have a 9-5) there is always laundry to fold, a toilet to scrub, dishes to clean, etc. And so when the stars align and I have a spare hour or two, rather than deal with the guilt of writing in all that filth, I escape to my haven and treat myself to an Americano.


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    Tomlinson, Dania

    Tomlinson, Dania