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  • Self-Publishing is a Misnomer

    Written by Lynn Duncan | #NoOneSucceedsAlone

    While authors who undertake the publication of their books are called self-publishers, the reality is somewhat different — no one succeeds alone. Even the most versatile and budget-conscious author should make judicious investments to produce a quality product.

    It is true that “every author needs an editor and every editor needs a proofreader.” Professional editing is often the best investment an author can make. A good designer is also critical – admonitions to the contrary, we all judge books by their covers. And, while every author would love to believe that “a good book sells itself,” the reality is very different. Effective marketing is critical.

    To succeed, an author considering self-publishing needs to know how to access available resources and decide what costs are appropriate to connect with an appropriate audience. All of these topics and more will be covered during the three-hour Self-Publishing 101 workshop being offered during this year’s Whistler Writers Festival.


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