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  • Reading Event 14: Marsha Lederman in Conversation

    With Ronald Wright and Deborah Campbell.

    October16 | 2-3 p.m |  Fairmont Chateau Whistler| $15

    How do we make sense of a complex world, and why should we try to understand other cultures? Join the Globe and Mail’s Western Arts Correspondent Marsha Lederman as she asks these questions and more of historian, novelist and essayist Ronald Wright, and award-winning writer Deborah Campbell. Wright’s work explores the relationships between past and present, peoples and power, other cultures and our own. His latest novel is The Gold Eaters. Campbell is known for combining a culturally immersive approach to fieldwork in places such as Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Gaza, Qatar, Cuba, Mexico and Russia with narrative storytelling. Her latest book A Disappearance in Damascus is the true story of Campbell’s relationship with Ahlam, an Iraqi woman working as a “fixer” for Western media in Syria as it plunges into war.

    Moderator: Marsha Lederman

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