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  • Sarah Selecky’s Online Course

    Sarah SeleckySarah Selecky was our 2011 writer in residence. She has developed an online writing course which I was fortunate enough to try. The program launched in December and information about it and how to purchase it is listed below.

    The Story Is a State of Mind program was created for writers whose self-doubt, absent muse or lack of discipline has driven them from their craft. No matter what wall you’ve hit, this program is designed to work alongside and within that resistance, to make the task of writing not just enjoyable, but simply irresistible.

    In seven parts, participants learn (and experiment with) the finer points of free writing, starting a story, character development, dialogue, plot, point of view and receptive reading: all developed to sharpen and support their own writing.

    Each lesson contains how-to explanations, practice materials and tidbits of wisdom perfected over Sarah Selecky’s 11 years of teaching.  The in-depth exercises, video tutorials, extraordinary story examples and detailed audio debriefs are on hand to help you stay dedicated and inspired, every step of the way.

    A few examples of what you’ll learn:

    • ·         Five Perfect Ways to Start a Story,
    • ·         Humor and Sorrow: The Magic Combination, and
    • ·         Art Happens When You Go Off Track.

    Sarah Selecky has been teaching ‘conscious creative writing’ for over a decade. Her program combines refined technique with mindful exploration, helping participants not only create marvelous work, but discover their unique voice, depth and presence of mind as they write.

    The program be can downloaded at the following site:


    I think you’ll enjoy it and it will become a useful resource.