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  • Rehearsal

    Written by Katherine Fawcett of The Sea to Sky Strings Orchestra | #NoOneSucceedsAlone

    Show up. Sit down.
    Open, remove
    laugh – Pet the dog.

    Tighten, rosin, tune.
    Talk: kids, news, dreams, dotted eighth
    notes, hair, eyeglasses, skiing.

    Late-comers arrive. Apologies.
    Unlatch. Open, remove, laugh –
    pet the dog.
    Tighten, rosin, tune.

    A quick scale, a tricky
    passage. Organize sheet music.
    Bach first.

    Spine tall, fingers poised.

    Eyes on the concertmaster.
    Three, four – wait – Vivaldi
    on our music stand. Apologies.
    Reorganize papers. Laugh. Pet the dog.

    Talk: work, love, switching to third
    position for the second
    movement, hot flashes, cake, school.
    Hush. Eyes on the concertmaster
    Three, four—

    Suddenly, like flight, the room
    wells, floats across the valley
    like morning light –
    notes breathe,
    lift, fall, synchronize
    sound-shapes, measured silences
    harmony of waves
    rolling in multiples of four, tinted
    with sadness of D minor.

    Out of metal wires
    hollowed wooden shapes
    horsehair, and friends.
    Bach rises.


    See the Sea To Sky Strings Orchestra at the 2018 Whistler Writers Festival


    The Sea To Sky Orchestra

    The Sea To Sky Orchestra