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  • Workshop 1: Self-Publishing 101

    Kilmeny Denny, Lori Rennie, K. Jane Watt and Megan Williams

    1:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m. | Whistler Public Library | $100

    Sponsored by: Island Blue Book Printing

    Once their manuscripts are finished, all authors embark on a new adventure. Those interested in traditional publishing must research publishers, approach agents, write query letters and negotiate contracts. Authors interested in self-publishing must source and contract a variety of industry professionals. This workshop features industry professionals Kilmeny Denny, Lori Rennie, K. Jane Watt and Megan Williams, who will provide a comprehensive overview of the business of self-publishing. Authors will learn who to approach, what to ask and how to develop a realistic budget. All attendees will receive a comprehensive handbook of samples, definitions, tips and resources.

    Moderator: Lynn Duncan

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