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  • Workshop 10: Shape Your Non-fiction Manuscript for Publication

    2:30 p.m. – 5:30 p.m. | (30 minute sessions – 6 spots) | Fairmont Chateau Whistler | $100

    With Vici Johnstone

    Writers are invited to send in their manuscripts one month in advance of the festival, and then meet with publisher Vici Johnstone (Caitlin Press) at the festival for a 30 minute, private review of their non-fiction manuscript. Vici will discuss how to better prepare the submission for publication, and how the idea can be better developed to capture the interest of a publisher. This might include: restructuring the content; expanding on themes, or filling in the gaps; whether the book needs photos or illustrations and if so who is responsible for them and when should they start the research; does it need end notes, index, bibliography etc. Discussion may also include who the market is and how and why a publisher will critique or select according to mandate. Spaces are limited to six spots.

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