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  • Workshop 3: “You Should Write a Book”

    Three Ways to Start Writing that Book Everyone Says You Should Write. With Megan Williams.

    October 14 | 4 – 5:30 p.m. Fairmont Chateau Whistler | $32

    Megan Williams is an award-winning, self-published author.
    She doesn’t have a degree in literary-arts, she isn’t a journalism student and three years ago, she didn’t know how to write a book. What Megan did have, was a story to tell. Megan researched, navigated and tested her way through writing and publishing her first book. Taking the advice of others, and developing her own set of tools, in two years, Megan was a published author. Knowing the hardest part is figuring out ‘where’ to get started, Megan has developed the ‘You Should Write A Book’ workshop series to help other aspiring authors share their story. Take away: In this succinct session, aspiring writers will leave with three practical tools and processes to start writing their first book.

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