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  • WORKSHOP 9: Engaging People with Place through Biography

    October 14, 2017| 11a.m.-1p.m.| Fairmont Chateau Whistler | $32

    Sponsored by: BDO

    Some practical and philosophical tips with Briony Penn.This workshop is for non-fiction writers (especially in science and environment), interested in biography as a novel way to engage and inspire. Briony Penn is an award- winning writer/journalist on natural history and environment issues on the coast. After 30 years of using more conventional genres, she’s moved to biography to deepen the stories for new audiences and new insights. Telling the story of change through the lives of people with close relationships to the land also strengthens our historical understanding. Writers in this session will get tips on how to do research especially interviews; how to stay organized; how to structure the story; when to use facts and when to use creative non-fiction; how to document sources; when to use footnotes/endnotes; how to source photos, get permissions, and observe protocols; how to avoid inaccuracies and most importantly how to use natural history to enhance our human stories.

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