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    • photoweb

      From Fledgling to F*#@ing Flight

      WARNING Not a festival to censor, the below blog includes some carefully placed symbols.
      From Fledgling to F*#@ing Flight
      An A&*!!@hole’s Ten Tips to Elevate Your Prose
      By Juan Hitta
      #1     most important is to write all the f*#@ing time. Read More

    • Brink of Freedom-Stella.jpg

      The Brink of Freedom

      A book review by Rebecca Wood Barrett
      Stella Leventoyannis Harvey’s new novel The Brink of Freedom tells the story of desperate searches for new beginnings. Read More

    • Graphic-Novel-Cover.jpg

      Inside The Outside Circle

      A book review by Katherine Fawcett
      First Nations communities have long known the healing power of story-telling. But healing can be a painful process, and like splitting open infected wounds and washing them with salty tears, those stories are often hard to hear. Read More

    • Oh My!

      Oh My!

      Katherine Fawcett’s short story collection, Little Washer of Sorrows
      Review by Karen McLeod
      How does Katherine Fawcett come up with these fantastic, original stories? I picture the author and her friends on a dock, it’s a summer evening, they’ve had a few, and then the “What if?” conversat Read More

    • linden

      Subtle Suspense

      A Book Review of Punishment by Linden MacIntyre
      Review by Karen McLeod
      One sign of a great read is that it turns me into a not-so-great mom. Read More

    • IMG_2189

      Had A Glass: Wine Book Review

      By Nicole Fitzgerald
      Half a dozen girlfriends on a Saturday night raise their glasses. More than a dozen wine bottles sit in the not so far distance. Some are uncorked, tattooing red rings on the kitchen counter. Others lips are sealed in the fridge. But we are a noisy bunch by midnight. Read More

    • 26.Sue (2)

      Is taking off more important than landing?

      By Susan Oakey-Baker
      I procrastinate. My thesis adviser said he’d never seen anyone produce so much at the eleventh hour. The more meaningful the task, the more there is to lose, the more vulnerable I feel, the more I procrastinate, until I become paralyzed. Read More