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    • Yvonne Blomer


      YVONNE BLOMER served as Victoria, BC’s poet laureate from 2015-2018. In 2018 she also served as Writer in Residence at the Robert Bateman Centre creating an ekphrastic poetry chapbook in response to Bateman’s paintings titled Ravine, Mouse, a Bird’s Beak (Nose in Book Publishing, 2018). Read More

    • LynnDuncan_Hi-Res


      DUNCAN, LYNN founded Vivalogue Publishing with Kilmeny Denny in 2010. She draws upon her many years of business and sales experience to help self-published authors achieve creative and financial success. Read More

    • Grant Lawrence c Aaron Rubin


      GRANT LAWRENCE  is a popular CBC personality and the author of three books: Adventures In Solitude, The Lonely End of the Rink, and Dirty Windshields. Read More

    • Mary-MacDonald-New-Photo


      MACDONALD, MARY is a poet and writer with a Ph.D. from UBC. She has written poetry for ballet, public art, and libretto. Her work has appeared in Room Magazine and Pique Newsmagazine. Her chapbook, Going In Now, was published in 2014 by NIB Publishing. Read More

    • Screen Shot 2018-08-13 at 9.15.47 PM


      THE SEA TO SKY ORCHESTRA is an 11-person strings ensemble featuring violin, cello and viola. Members are from Squamish, Whistler and Pemberton, and are devoted to sharing their love of classical music with the community. Read More

    • 642_andersondargatz_gail (1)

      Anderson-Dargatz, Gail

      ** Please note: Gail is unable to attend the 2018 festival, and Rebecca Wood Barrett will be replacing her in the workshop “God is in the Details”.
      ANDERSON-DARGATZ, GAIL has been published worldwide in English and in many other languages in more than 15 territories. Read More

    • Claudia Casper-2

      Casper, Claudia

      CASPER, CLAUDIA is a Canadian writer. She is known for her bestselling novel The Reconstruction, about a woman who constructs a life-sized model of the hominid Lucy for a museum diorama while trying to recreate herself. Read More

    • Some Assembly Required colour

      Some Assembly Required

      Comprising musicians from Whistler and Vancouver, SOME ASSEMBLY REQUIRED plays ska, reggae, blues and gypsy jazz with a healthy mix of originals and covers. Stephen Vogler, guitar, mandolin, vocals; Geeta Das, trumpet, saxophone, vocals; Tony Moser, bass; and Dean Feser, percussion. Read More

    • Lenore Rowntree crop

      Putting it on the Line: Lenore Rowntree on Risk

      So far as I know, no one has unfriended me on Facebook because of something I wrote. But I have landed in some unfriendly situations because of writing, including with myself. There were times I would have unfriended myself if I could have. Read More

    • Smith, Alisa_300_CMYK

      Arctic Folly: Alisa Smith on Risk

      The first camping trip I ever did alone, at the age of 22, was probably outside the norm: I chose the high Arctic. Polar bears, pooh! I only learned later in life that camping scientists take rifles with them on the tundra.
      Okay, I admit to a slight fear of polar bears. This is healthy. Read More