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  • Food as the Great Conversation Starter: Christina Loucas blog

    Christina Screen Shot 2016-11-03 at 12.42.07 PMWhen asked to write a little blog about combining the idea of discourse and some element of my book, what came to mind first is how food is one of those topics that seems to engage most people. No matter whether I was a lawyer practising in Singapore, out for a client lunch years ago or a food blogger interviewing my aunt’s friend about her secret on how she makes her squid so soft (it’s milk by the way), people always seem keen to speak with you about the many topics of food – eating, preparation and so forth.

    It also brought to mind the many conversations with my mom and my aunts in their respective kitchens while writing the book, who provided the inspiration for many of the traditional recipes in the cookbooks. My aim in the cookbook was to share these experiences with a reader, in a way that not only provided a reliable recipe, but also could transport a reader to a traditional Cypriot kitchen and these experiences.

    Though I think the importance in cookbooks of the story telling ability of photographs should not be overlooked, I do think words are the most important element of a cookbook. Words can paint a more complete picture and can give confidence to a novice cook trying a recipe for the first time. In summary, the writing of a cookbook offers a unique opportunity to share an author’s personal story while at the same time providing readers with recipes that they will hopefully enjoy in the space of their own kitchen. In sharing my family’s recipes and stories, I hope the words will inspire those reading to get into the kitchen and prepare some yummy Cypriot food.


    Christina Loucas will be preparing Greek treats at Stella Harvey’s launch of her book Finding Callidora, Oct. 17, 6:30pm at the Audain Art Museum.