The Whistler Writing Society was founded in 2001 and became a non-profit organization in 2005. The group includes over 150 members. From its inception the group has promoted the literary arts, provided a forum for local writers to develop their craft within the community, and sponsored literary events for readers and writers alike, including the annual Whistler Writers Festival on October 13-16, 2016 and the Writer in Residence Program.
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Post-it Perseverance Blog

Post-it Perseverance

by Gillie Easdon My laundry room/office cupboard door is bedecked in square post-it notes, pink for storyline and chapters, blue for additional notes to explore and plum for research yet to do on things like ABI (acquired brain injuries) and Bayou prawns. This skeleton, sans a bunch of bones still, is proof to me that…

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We All Need Our Personal Hamburg Blog

We All Need Our Personal Hamburg

by Katherine Fawcett It’s 1962, 4:30 on a Tuesday morning and an unknown band is wrapping up their set in a gritty tavern on the outskirts of the red-light district in Hamburg, Germany. It’s 2016, 10:30 on a Tuesday evening and a little-known writer is unloading the dishwasher in a quiet Canadian town. The tavern…

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Help Mother Tongue Publishing Raise Funds for Book on BC Artists News

Help Mother Tongue Publishing Raise Funds for Book on BC Artists

Mother Tongue Publishing has had a number of their authors come to the Whistler Writers Festival over the years. Check out their campaign to raise funds for a new book: Yesterday we launched our big fundraising campaign to raise $20,000 towards publishing the 9th and 10th books in our Unheralded Artists of BC series! It…

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