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  • Great Girlfriend’s Advice

    wellfedBy Joanne Fogolin

    This time of year marks the preparation for the Whistler Writers Festival, and the much anticipated return of, “Tasting the Divine: Cooks with Books” evening, slated for October 16, 2015. Three authors will be in attendance to sign books and answer questions. I’ve been asked to read, sample recipes, and review Emily Wight’s cookbook, “Well Fed, Flat Broke”. Within it, she offers recipes for modest budgets and allows for messy kitchens. I found that reading her book is just like spending time with a great girlfriend.
    For example,

    Emily’s Tip #1:
    “We are all doing our best, recognizing that ‘our best’ is measured on a sliding scale. Some days my best is a lovingly prepared meal with wine and pleasantries; other days my best is an egg cracked in a bowl of instant ramen and a series of indecipherable grunts. Some days I cook because I have to, and other days, I cook because I love to. It’s the love that makes the have-to’s for worthwhile.”

    “Thank you Emily. You know I love my mother-in-law’s cooking but I can’t compare to her daily, 5pm meat and potatoes with dessert at a pre-set table dinners. I am going to make, Spam Fried Rice (page 44), from your book and express my need to be cheeky, while eating in front of the TV!”

    Emily’s Tip #2:
    “Fruits and vegetables are two of the most important elements contributing to our nutrition and well- being. A diverse diet rich in a variety of plant based foods will go a long way toward health-anything you can do to eat more of them is a good thing. Even if that means blending them in frozen with a bunch of rum and lime juice.”

    “Emily, I get your vibe. Next time I make, Corn Asparagus Salad (page. 178) to take to my neighbor’s barbeque, I’ll also prep a batch of lime mojitos. The two are both delicious and it makes being healthy so much fun!

    Emily’s Tip #3:
    “I like to believe that the best cooks are the messiest cooks because they are so focused on the masterful preparation of a meal that things like spilled liquids and crumbs are secondary or irrelevant…I need Nick to believe that too, because I need him to wash the floor.”

    “That’s a great idea. I love your recipe for, Peanut Butter Bacon Fat Cookies (page 219). Next time I make them, I will allow the flour to spill on the floor, and drop a peanut butter covered knife, too. Then I can trade cookies for cleaning with my ever-hungry crew of boys. So clever!
    Emily offers advice on how to cook for today’s family and alleviates the pressure for those of us who try to do it all! It’s a breath of fresh air in the kitchen…just like baking a mouth-watering batch of cookies! After reading her cookbook, I feel like we are already friends.

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